Farewell To The Inemitable Debbie Reynolds.

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Its only been a day since we learned of the sad passing of Carrie Fisher and now we have to say farewell to he mother, the irreplaceable Debbie Reynolds.

There have been many words written about the passing of Carrie Fisher and there will undoubtedly be many more about the passing of Debbie Reynolds. But we at the Fret Knot Radio Hour wanted to acknowledge the pleasure she brought to us. Most of our team are too young to have seen her in her heyday but I think nearly all of us have seen classics such as “Singin’ In The Rain” and the sheer unabashed pleasure in seeing herself and Gene Kelly makes it one of those films you always remember with a ┬ásmile.

She appeared in Will and Grace in the late 90’s but, not in anything notable since. However even after that time work continues to bring joy to millions. She will be missed.



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