How To Hear Ed Sheerans Music Early

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How To Hear Ed Sheerans Music Early

Expectations for Ed Sheerans new album are high and he released two new songs from it yesterday. But some lucky strangers got to hear them early and it seems this is not a hard thing to do.


Eds new album “Divide” is planned for release later this year but apart of whetting our excitement he released two new songs with a co-hosting publicity arrangement on BBC. The two songs Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You were officially released at 5am GMT on Friday morning (06Jan17), just prior to his co-hosting the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Scott Mills shortly afterwards.

But during his interview Ed revealed that he had played his new music to strangers when he went out drinking.

“The funny thing is while I have music waiting to be released I usually end up playing it to random people,” he laughed.

“Normally when I’ve been out drinking I’ll be like, ‘Hey mate do you want to hear my new song?’ that happens a lot!”


So there you have it. If you want to hear Ed Sheehan tracks early just go to the same pubs he does and have a few pints with him.

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