The New Politics And Its Personal Effects

The New Politics And Its Personal Effects

2016 ended with  seismic political explosions but 2017 is when those choices start to have their impact. These political decisions were driven by a variety of factors including anger, a desire fir change and of course a real belief that this choice was the better one. For those who selected the other options however both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have been traumatic. On our latest show we take a look at the personal impact these have had.

Gary Markwick is a UK Palm Reader who, across a 20 year career, has read the palms of thousands across the world. In recent years he has been based out of Camden Market in London but has also started giving palm readings online to clients across the world.  Gary has seen an increase in requests from people in the US for palm readings  since the election of Donald Trump. He attributes this to a feeling of uncertainty over the future and discusses this with us.

Another group feeling uncertainty are EU citizens resident in the UK. Under European law citizens of one EU country can travel and live in another EU country without any requirements for visas. However the Brexit vote has left the position of these people in limbo. After Britain finally leaves the EU in 2 years time will they need Visas? What about those who have lived in the UK for a decade or more? help provide the Property Inspection Reports that are required by all Visa applicants in the UK and they too have seen an increase in requests, this time from EU citizens fearful that they will need to go through the visa process in the near future.

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